About you

You started your agency fuelled by a fiery passion for digital or design, not because you dreamed of selling to people.

Yet, here you are, fighting to win new business – and a million and one other agencies, offering the same thing as you, are fighting to do the same.

It’s getting harder every day.

Remember how it used to be?

When your network fed you leads, and selling didn’t feel like selling at all?

How easy it was…

But the Golden Goose of referrals isn’t laying eggs anymore. These days you’re expected to sing for your supper.

And as you chase yet another hot prospect that’s turned cold, you can’t help but wonder where new projects, and the life they breathe into your agency, will come from in future.

No doubt you’ve thrown money at the problem.

Content marketing here. Social hacks there. Pricey tools with bells and whistles and promises to automate all the things you hate to do.

You may even have hired the odd sales superstar or marketing guru to help free up your time and fill up your pipeline.

But the results didn’t come, and money just vanished into the void.

You know what I think?

(Correct me if I’m wrong.)

Your agency is teeming with untapped potential. Your expertise, and the stellar work you produce, bring immense value to those you serve. Clients should be rolling out the red carpet for you, not giving you the runaround.

You, and your team, deserve so much more.

All you need to stop surviving and start thriving, is the opportunity to work with clients who value your agency for what it does best.

I can help you with that.

Let’s talk a little.


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